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     1= GENI wireless lte topology =
     3WINLAB operates the following management components locally, at Rutgers.
     4* Amarisoft EPC (monolithic)
     5* !OpenAirInterface(OAI) HSS + MME + SPGW
     6* Airspan Netspan configuration software
     7* DPControl aggregate manager, providing a REST API to the above.
     9As part of the ORBIT Testbed, WINLAB operates local eNBs, including commercial Airspan LTE eNBs, an Amarisoft Commercial Software eNB, and support for multiple OAI soft eNBs.
     11The commercial eNBs are a fixed installation, and are managed by the BSControl aggregate manager. Users are able to run their own instances of BSControl to provide a management interface for experiments using the OAI eNB.
     13The EPC components are placed on the GENI-LTE-MULTIPOINT vlan, and are accessible from participating institutions. Wisconsin and BBN are currently operating commercial eNBs, managed by components at WINLAB as a reference configuration.
     15We also provide a reference configuration to be deployed at remote sites, if local control is desired. This is available as installation instructions for NETSPAN, as well as an Instageni bare metal image/configuration for the OAI EPC.