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    33Please note: Do not restart BTS until all changes are complete. If you do happen to restart, you will have to use the serial interface to connect to the BTS.
    5 * Change the IP address and correct configuration on the RF card.
    6   - Login to the BTS as root on
    7   - Copy the attached [attachment:networkenv.orbit networkenv.orbit] file to /flash/networkenv
     5=== Step1 Configuring the IP ===
     7We'll need to adjust the ip's of both interfaces. They're managed via two independent files which exists on two different machines/ip combos.
     9The "DSP" machine:
     11 1. Copy the attached [attachment:networkenv.orbit networkenv.orbit]  locally (to your console) and edit it's addresses to reflect your
     12    organisations Address Structure. If this is the first BS in your organization your address should be of the form 10.3.X.1, where X is the numerical ID given to
     13    your group.
     14 1. Copy (via SCP) to file to /flash/networkenv. The default IP of the DSP machine is
     15    {{{
     16    scp networkenv.orbit root@
     17    }}}
     19The "Network" Machine
     20 1. Telnet to the N/W card at User root as the username, you will not be asked for a password.
     21 1. Edit the /etc/network/interfaces eth1 entry to organisations Address Structure. It should be of the form 10.3.X.2, for the first BTS. The entry should look
     22    similar to:
     23    {{{
     24    auto eth1
     25    iface eth1 inet static
     26       address 10.3.X.2
     27       network
     28       netmask
     29       broadcast
     30       gateway 10.3.X.1       
     31    }}}
     33Finally you'll need to configure your own interface to be in the same subnet as the BS Ip's. For the first BS it should be of the form 10.3.X.254.
     35=== Step 2 Configure The BS software ===
    836  - Use wiset commands below to correct configuration on the BTS:
    937  {{{
    3159  }}}
    33 * Change settings on the N/W card.
    34   - Login to the N/W card at again as root, and change the IP configuration for eth1 in the /etc/network/interfaces file as :
    35 {{{
    36 auto eth1
    37  iface eth1 inet static
    38      address
    39      network
    40      netmask
    41      broadcast
    42      gateway       
    43 }}}