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     1= Testing The Installation =
     3== Prerequisites ==
     51. Confirm that all hardware and software has been properly installed.
     8== Hardware connectivity check ==
     10Login through the console on the ASN-GW and test the following.
     121. Is the BTS is reachable from the ASN-GW. with the default IP setting
     13    - ping the BTS interface
     14    - measure the round trip times
     162. Power cycle the BTS through the use of stop and start scripts.
     17   - Perform a hard reset if required (if updated parameter values are not reflected).
     193. Ping the outside interface and see if the DMZ gateway is reachable from the ASN-GW
     21After successful completion we know that the ASN is able to send traffic both downlink to the IDU
     22and outbound towards the internet.
     24== Test the RF Transmission ==
     261. Scan on the client and check if the basestation's signal is seen using the procedure described below. If we are able to connect step 2 can be ignored. Else try step 2.
     28Configure driver at the client to ensure all required parameters are configured correctly.
     29   - Change the /etc/asnctrl_service_class.conf to include client and service class information.
     30   - possibly include SSID to match with the BTS
     31   - Check center frequency to match with the BTS
     32   - Enable (locks) if any
     33   - Disable wifi if operating on a dual mode card (since quite a few times they work in a mutually exclusive mode)
     34   - Enable a static IP setting at the client to allow for baseline IP connectivity
     372. If possible sweep the spectrum through an analyzer to determine proper transmission at the center frequency.
     38   - Vary transmit power at the BTS using wiset calls on the BTS or through the web interface and then measure the corresponding changes on the analyzer.