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WiMAX OID and IP address assignement

Campus OID IP Range
WINLAB 44:51:DB:00:00:XX 10.3.0.XX
NECLabs 44:51:DB:00:01:XX 10.3.1.XX
BBN 44:51:DB:00:02:XX 10.3.2.XX
Stanford 44:51:DB:00:03:XX 10.3.3.XX
Poly 44:51:DB:00:04:XX 10.3.4.XX
UMass 44:51:DB:00:05:XX 10.3.5.XX
Columbia 44:51:DB:00:06:XX 10.3.6.XX
UColorado 44:51:DB:00:07:XX 10.3.7.XX
UWisconsin 44:51:DB:00:08:XX 10.3.8.XX
UCLA 44:51:DB:00:09:XX 10.3.9.XX

Each campus can have up to 127 basestations (each BS needs two addresses) and/or multiple ASN gateways. The basestations are assigned OIDs and IPs starting from 1 and counting up while ASN gateway machines are assigned IP addresses that are assigned starting from 254 and counting down.

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