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6. Case 1b: WimaxRF-Aggr Mgr Software Installation, Configuration and Operation

6.1 Key Configuration Parameters

These are the key parameters, that are gathered and then held in the wimaxrf.yaml configuration file. Please modify the ip address of the asngw and bs sections.

# NOTE: use only 'spaces' to indent !
# ('tab' indents are not supported by the ruby yaml parser used to read this file)
# This is the Config file for the WiMAXRF GridService

   if: eth1
   port: 2231
   id: ASNGW000
   tecnh: 3
   dsc: IP-Config-Mgmt


   bsid:  44:51:db:00:00:01
   frequency: 2590000     

5.3.3 Install Required Packages ¶

  1. Configure apt/sources to include and Edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and add the following lines:
          deb karmic/
          deb jaunty main
  1. Update information based on the changed sources.list.

  sudo apt-get update
  1. Now install the ASN-GW software

   sudo apt-get install asn-gw0.9.0 click1.6.0 omf-wimaxrf-aggmgr-5.2

5.6 Configuration of ASN-GW Controller

Configuration of software both for the ASN-GW and the WiMAX BTS is done through a single yaml configuration file on the ASN.

To enable the features we will need to copy the modified wimaxrf.yaml from /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.2/available to /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.2/enabled/. Remove all other services that are pre-installed in /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.2/enabled/ as the other services are used in Case 2 installation.

Execute the init-wimax.rb file. The file imports all MIBs into local libraries. This needs to be done only once during initialization.

ruby /usr/share/omf-aggmgr-5.2/omf-aggmgr/ogs_wimaxrf/init-wimax.rb

5.8.4 WimaxRF Grid Service operation ¶

  1. Start the omf aggregate manager. This is required for the grid service to be in operation.
/etc/init.d/omf-aggmgr-5.2 restart
  1. Check the service starts by looking at the process table as well as tailing the logs
root     31394     1  0 Jan24 ?        00:08:53 ruby1.8 -I/usr/share/omf-aggmgr-5.2 -I/usr/share/omf-common-5.2 /usr/share/omf-aggmgr-5.2/omf-aggmgr/ogs.rb --port 5052

  1. Start a web browser on the asn_gw. Make sure the WimaxRf? grid service is working.


  1. The web page has all the commands the service supports
<service name="get">
<info>Get Basestation Static Parameter</info>
<service name="info">
<info>Get information about the Base Station</info>
<service name="restart">
<info>Restart the Base Station</info>
<service name="restore">
Restore Base Station parameters from saved configuration
<service name="set">
<info>Set Basestation Static Parameter</info>
<service name="status">
<info>Get status of WiMAX RF  service</info>
<service name="testService">
<info>Test service</info>
<service name="uploadr"/>

  1. Saving and Restoring BTS config

Before starting any experiments, save the xml page output for the following web page


To restore the BTS in any event,visit the page


Upload the golden xml file you saved earlier and then visit


Ping the BTS machine and make sure the changes are reflected by pulling up the BTS config.

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