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    4646The process starts when the user requests the radio manager grid service for creation of
    4747a custom service class. As a part of this request we are assuming that the user intends to create the new service class using existing pre-defined service flows.  The installation supports 5 pre-defined service flows which represent a typical setting with every traffic type. The user could also define a custom service flow and include it as a part of its customized service class.  If the service class request by the user is valid, and all flows requested as a part of the service class request are valid, the system assigns the service class a  service class id (SCID). The RM service will create an internal record of the service class parameters when it assigns the service class id (SCID). The slice user can actually start using the service class only after invoking the installServiceClass(MAC, SCID) API. This results in the addition of all service flows for the client by the modified BS controller, and appropriate datapath mapping by the datapath controller. In the illustration we see the addition of two service flows when the SCID is being installed for the MAC.
     50== A.2 System Administrator API Specification (Internal) ==
     51These set of functions are exposed to the system administrator for managing and monitoring slice quotas from a virtualization perspective. More administrative functionality is provided on the RF side as discussed in the BS-RF API.
     53=== A.2.1 VM Administration ===
     55=== setSliceParams(SLICEID, disk_quota, cpu) ===
     56-       This function is provided to the administrator for setting up slice level parameters such as total disk / cpu quota assigned to a slice.
     57-       Successful setting of these parameters returns “ok”
     58=== getSliceParams(SLICEID) ===
     59-       This function is provided to the administrator for getting slice level parameters such as total disk/CPU quota assigned to a slice. 
     60-       Online information such as current usage is also be made available.
     61-       Returns XML with appropriate parameters on success, “nok” otherwise.
     62== getTotalParams(SLICEID) ===
     63-       This function is provided to the administrator for getting information on total available resources, such as disk space/ cpu quota available for allocation.
     64-       This function is typically used by the administrator before the use of  setSliceParams() function.
     65-       Returns XML with appropriate parameters on success, “nok” otherwise.