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/wireless - Wireless Parameters

<service name="wireless">
      <info>Set wireless parameters</info>
            <arg name="segmentul" isRequired="false" value="[segmentul]">
                  <info> (0)</info>
            <arg name="initrangstsubchan" isRequired="false" value="[initrangstsubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for initrang_st_subchannel@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="hobackoffstart" isRequired="false" value="[hobackoffstart]">
                  <info>Initial backoff window size for handoff. (3)</info>
            <arg name="framesyncmode" isRequired="false" value="[framesyncmode]">
                  <info>@@@Text for framesync_mode@@@ (2)</info>
            <arg name="permutation" isRequired="false" value="[permutation]">
                  <info>Support permutation mode. (0)</info>
            <arg name="dlulratio" isRequired="false" value="[dlulratio]">
                  <info>Ratio of uplink and downlink OFDM symbols in the frame (0x00)</info>
            <arg name="bwreqstsymbol" isRequired="false" value="[bwreqstsymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for bwreq_st_symbol@@@ (2)</info>
            <arg name="minphyratebe" isRequired="false" value="[minphyratebe]">
                  <info>@@@Text for min_phy_rate_be@@@ (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
            <arg name="pwradjustthres" isRequired="false" value="[pwradjustthres]">
                  <info>@@@Text for pwr_adjust_threshold@@@ (12)</info>
            <arg name="maxrxpow" isRequired="false" value="[maxrxpow]">
                  <info>Maximum rx power (-45)</info>
            <arg name="horangcode" isRequired="false" value="[horangcode]">
                  <info>Number of handover ranging codes. [0..255] (64)</info>
            <arg name="bcpietranscnt" isRequired="false" value="[bcpietranscnt]">
                  <info>@@@Text for bcp_ie_transmit_count@@@ (117)</info>
            <arg name="admissionthres" isRequired="false" value="[admissionthres]">
                  <info>@@@Text for admission_threshold@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="defrssiave" isRequired="false" value="[defrssiave]">
                  <info>Default RSSI averaging parameter on DCD messages. (0x00)</info>
            <arg name="contentiontimeout" isRequired="false" value="[contentiontimeout]">
                  <info>Contention-based reservation timeout [0..255] (8)</info>
            <arg name="odualmctrl" isRequired="false" value="[odualmctrl]">
                  <info>@@@Text for odu_alm_control@@@ (0x10000000)</info>
            <arg name="compressmap" isRequired="false" value="[compressmap]">
                  <info>Compressed map on/off (0)</info>
            <arg name="harqackstsubchan" isRequired="false" value="[harqackstsubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for harqack_st_subchannel@@@ (33)</info>
            <arg name="frameadjustthres" isRequired="false" value="[frameadjustthres]">
                  <info>@@@Text for frame_adjust_threshold@@@ (500000)</info>
            <arg name="segment" isRequired="false" value="[segment]">
                  <info>Segment on/off (0)</info>
            <arg name="initrangstsymbol" isRequired="false" value="[initrangstsymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for initrang_st_symbol@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="reqbackoffend" isRequired="false" value="[reqbackoffend]">
                  <info>Final backoff window size for contention bandwidth requests, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (15)</info>
            <arg name="bwmode" isRequired="false" value="[bwmode]">
                  <info>Bandwidth mode [0 = 10MHz, 1=7MHz, 2=5MHz] (0)</info>
            <arg name="feedbacknosubchan" isRequired="false" value="[feedbacknosubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for feedback_no_subchannel@@@ (29)</info>
            <arg name="minphyratenrtps" isRequired="false" value="[minphyratenrtps]">
                  <info>Minimum PHY rate for Non-Real-Time Polling Service. (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
            <arg name="odunoisefloor" isRequired="false" value="[odunoisefloor]">
                  <info>@@@Text for odu_noise_floor@@@ (40)</info>
            <arg name="bstxpowoffs" isRequired="false" value="[bstxpowoffs]">
                  <info>BS transmit power offset (0)</info>
            <arg name="bwrangcode" isRequired="false" value="[bwrangcode]">
                  <info>Number of bandwidth request codes available. [0..255] (64)</info>
            <arg name="macvers" isRequired="false" value="[macvers]">
                  <info>@@@Text for mac_version@@@ (6)</info>
            <arg name="multicastrepcnt" isRequired="false" value="[multicastrepcnt]">
                  <info>@@@Text for multicast_repetition_cnt@@@ (6)</info>
            <arg name="defcinrave" isRequired="false" value="[defcinrave]">
                  <info>Default CINR averaging parameter on DCD messages. (0x03)</info>
            <arg name="periodicbackoffend" isRequired="false" value="[periodicbackoffend]">
                  <info>@@@Text for periodic_backoff_end@@@ (15)</info>
            <arg name="rfcablelen" isRequired="false" value="[rfcablelen]">
                  <info>@@@Text for rf_cable_len@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="numofsegment" isRequired="false" value="[numofsegment]">
                  <info>Number of segments (0)</info>
            <arg name="harqackstsymbol" isRequired="false" value="[harqackstsymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for harqack_st_symbol@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="reqbackoffstart" isRequired="false" value="[reqbackoffstart]">
                  <info>Initial backoff window size for contention bandwidth requests, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (3)</info>
            <arg name="sdumaxdelay" isRequired="false" value="[sdumaxdelay]">
                  <info>@@@Text for sdu_max_delay@@@ (5000)</info>
            <arg name="preambleid" isRequired="false" value="[preambleid]">
                  <info>Preamble number. Set different nunber for each BS and Segment from each other. The cell ID / segment # is derived from this parameter.[0..113] (0)</info>
            <arg name="bwreqnosubchan" isRequired="false" value="[bwreqnosubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for bwreq_no_subchannel@@@ (6)</info>
            <arg name="minphyratertps" isRequired="false" value="[minphyratertps]">
                  <info>Minimum PHY rate for Real-Time Polling Service (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
            <arg name="agingtimeout" isRequired="false" value="[agingtimeout]">
                  <info>@@@Text for aging_timeout@@@ (30)</info>
            <arg name="permbase" isRequired="false" value="[permbase]">
                  <info>Permutation base (0x00)</info>
            <arg name="feedbacknosymbol" isRequired="false" value="[feedbacknosymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for feedback_no_symbol@@@ (3)</info>
            <arg name="fairnesscountreset" isRequired="false" value="[fairnesscountreset]">
                  <info>@@@Text for fairness_count_reset@@@ (2)</info>
            <arg name="initranginterval" isRequired="false" value="[initranginterval]">
                  <info>@@@Text for initrang_interval@@@ (1)</info>
            <arg name="bstxpow" isRequired="false" value="[bstxpow]">
                  <info>BS transmit power (40)</info>
            <arg name="periodicrangcode" isRequired="false" value="[periodicrangcode]">
                  <info>Number of periodic ranging CDMA codes available [0..255] (64)</info>
            <arg name="gmsenable" isRequired="false" value="[gmsenable]">
                  <info>@@@Text for gms_enable@@@ (0x06)</info>
            <arg name="dcducdrepcnt" isRequired="false" value="[dcducdrepcnt]">
                  <info>@@@Text for dcducd_repetition_cnt@@@ (6)</info>
            <arg name="periodicbackoffstart" isRequired="false" value="[periodicbackoffstart]">
                  <info>@@@Text for periodic_backoff_start@@@ (3)</info>
            <arg name="rxhorangingmax" isRequired="false" value="[rxhorangingmax]">
                  <info>@@@Text for rx_ho_ranging_max@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="usedsubchul" isRequired="false" value="[usedsubchul]">
                  <info>Used UL subchannel group. (0x0000000007FFFFFFFF)</info>
            <arg name="initrangnosubchan" isRequired="false" value="[initrangnosubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for initrang_no_subchannel@@@ (6)</info>
            <arg name="rangbackoffend" isRequired="false" value="[rangbackoffend]">
                  <info>Final backoff window size for initial ranging contention, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (15)</info>
            <arg name="fnrandseed" isRequired="false" value="[fnrandseed]">
                  <info>@@@Text for fn_randseed@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="prbsid" isRequired="false" value="[prbsid]">
                  <info>PRBS_ID for 2nd zone [0..2] (0)</info>
            <arg name="bwreqnosymbol" isRequired="false" value="[bwreqnosymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for bwreq_no_symbol@@@ (1)</info>
            <arg name="minphyrateertps" isRequired="false" value="[minphyrateertps]">
                  <info>Minimum PHY rate for Extended Real-Time Polling Service (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
            <arg name="rtg" isRequired="false" value="[rtg]">
                  <info>Receive transmit transition gap (units: PS) (168)</info>
            <arg name="antennagain" isRequired="false" value="[antennagain]">
                  <info>Antenna gain of BS (units: DBi) [0..255] (0)</info>
            <arg name="feedbackstsubchan" isRequired="false" value="[feedbackstsubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for feedback_st_subchannel@@@ (6)</info>
            <arg name="fairnessmode" isRequired="false" value="[fairnessmode]">
                  <info>@@@Text for fairness_mode@@@ (1)</info>
            <arg name="initrangcode" isRequired="false" value="[initrangcode]">
                  <info>Number of initial CDMA ranging codes [0..255] (64)</info>
            <arg name="dlmaprepcnt" isRequired="false" value="[dlmaprepcnt]">
                  <info>@@@Text for dlmap_repetition_cnt@@@ (6)</info>
            <arg name="harqacknosubchan" isRequired="false" value="[harqacknosubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for harqack_no_subchannel@@@ (2)</info>
            <arg name="freq" isRequired="false" value="[freq]">
                  <info>Center frequency (2590000)</info>
            <arg name="siiadvinterval" isRequired="false" value="[siiadvinterval]">
                  <info>@@@Text for siiadv_interval@@@ (10)</info>
            <arg name="hobackoffend" isRequired="false" value="[hobackoffend]">
                  <info>Final bakoff window size for handoff. (15)</info>
            <arg name="initrangnosymbol" isRequired="false" value="[initrangnosymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for initrang_no_symbol@@@ (2)</info>
            <arg name="usedsubchdl" isRequired="false" value="[usedsubchdl]">
                  <info>Used DL subchannel group. (0x3F)</info>
            <arg name="rxinitialrangingmax" isRequired="false" value="[rxinitialrangingmax]">
                  <info>@@@Text for rx_initial_ranging_max@@@ (4)</info>
            <arg name="dlpermfusc" isRequired="false" value="[dlpermfusc]">
                  <info>DL permutation base for 2nd zone. [0..31] (0)</info>
            <arg name="rangbackoffstart" isRequired="false" value="[rangbackoffstart]">
                  <info>Initial backoff window size for initial ranging contention, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (3)</info>
            <arg name="bwreqstsubchan" isRequired="false" value="[bwreqstsubchan]">
                  <info>@@@Text for bwreq_st_subchannel@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="ulpuscrotation" isRequired="false" value="[ulpuscrotation]">
                  <info>@@@Text for ul_pusc_rotation@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="feedbackstsymbol" isRequired="false" value="[feedbackstsymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for feedback_st_symbol@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="bsrxgain" isRequired="false" value="[bsrxgain]">
                  <info>Bs rx gain (61)</info>
            <arg name="ttg" isRequired="false" value="[ttg]">
                  <info>Transmit Receive transition gap (units: PS) (296)</info>
            <arg name="minphyrateugs" isRequired="false" value="[minphyrateugs]">
                  <info>Minimum PHY rate for Unsolicited Grant Service (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
            <arg name="cqichbwreq" isRequired="false" value="[cqichbwreq]">
                  <info>@@@Text for cqich_bwreq@@@ (1)</info>
            <arg name="startrangcode" isRequired="false" value="[startrangcode]">
                  <info>Initial value of code group of initial ranging. [0..255] (0)</info>
            <arg name="dcducdinterv" isRequired="false" value="[dcducdinterv]">
                  <info>Time interval between UCD and DCD mesages (units: frames) [10..4000] (0x00C8)</info>
            <arg name="harqacknosymbol" isRequired="false" value="[harqacknosymbol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for harqack_no_symbol@@@ (3)</info>
            <arg name="dlmapencodetype" isRequired="false" value="[dlmapencodetype]">
                  <info>Encoding-type of DL map (0)</info>
            <arg name="timinggapoffset" isRequired="false" value="[timinggapoffset]">
                  <info>@@@Text for timing_gap_offset@@@ (-748)</info>


Basestation frequency in KHz. Two distinct frequency ranges are supported:

Mid 2.5 GHz 2498500 - 2687500
3.5 GHz 3402500 - 3597500


Bandwidth mode: 0 = 10 MHz, 2 = 7 MHz, 1 = 5 MHz (Default is 0 = 10 MHz). When specifying bandwidth, frequency should match ranges in the following table:

10 MHz (bwmode=0) 7 MHz (bwmode=2) 5 MHz (bwmode=1)
2501000 - 268500
3405000 - 3595000
3403500 - 3596500 2498500 - 2687500
3402500 - 3597500

When changing bwmode, you may also need to change other settings (such as ttg, rtg, dlulratio) that depend on bandwidth mode in the WiMAX profiles released by the WiMAX forum.


Ratio of uplink and downlink OFDM symbols in the frame. The frame duration is dependent on the bandwidth

10 MHz (bwmode=0) 7 MHz (bwmode=2) 5 MHz (bwmode=1)
0x00 → DL=35, UL=12 0x00 → DL=24, UL=09 0x00 → DL=35, UL=12
0x01 → DL=32, UL=15 0x01 → DL=21, UL=12 0x01 → DL=32, UL=15
0x02 → DL=29, UL=18 0x02 → DL=18, UL=15 0x02 → DL=29, UL=18
0x03 → DL=26, UL=21 0x03 → DL=26, UL=21


Transmit Receive Transition Gap (TTG value) in units of PS (physical slots). This is the gap between the downlink burst and the subsequent uplink burst in a TDD transceiver. During TTG, the BS switches from transmit to receive mode and SSs switch from receive to transmit mode. These are specified by the WiMAX profiles released by the WiMAX forum. The recommended value depends on the settings of bandwidth mode (bwmode), ratio of uplink and downlink symbols (dlulratio), and permutation mode (permutation) as follows:

if Permutation Mode = “PUSC”-

ttg bwmode dlulratio
296 10 MHz (0) 35,12 (0x00) or 29,18 (0x02)
584 10 MHz (0) 32,15 (0x01) or 26,21 (0x03)
148 5 MHz (1) 35,12 (0x00) or 29,18 (0x02)
292 5 MHz (1) 32,15 (0x01) or 26,21 (0x03)
376 7 MHz (2) 21,12 (0x01)
664 7 MHz (2) 24,09 (0x00) or 18,15 (0x02)

if Permutation Mode = “FUSC” -

ttg bwmode
148 5 MHz (1)
376 7 MHz (2)
296 10 MHz (0)


Receive Transmit Transition Gap (RTG value) in units of PS (physical slots). This is the gap between the uplink burst and the subsequent downlink burst in a TDD transceiver. During RTG, the BS switches from receive to transmit mode and SSs switch from transmit to receive mode. The recommended value depends on the bandwidth mode (bwmode) setting, as follows:

rtg bwmode
84 5 MHz (1)
120 7 MHz (2)
168 10 MHz (0)


Two permutation modes are allowed:

0 —> PUSC (partial usage of subchannels) 1 —> FUSC (full use of subchannels)

Other settings (e.g. ttg) may need to be changed if you change permutation mode.

N.B. HARQ can only be enabled if the permutation mode is PUSC.

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