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    11= ARQ Control  =
    2 Automatic Repeat reQuest is the MAC level data connections's error control mechanism.
     2Automatic Repeat reQuest is the MAC level data connection's error control mechanism.
     4== ackproctime ==
     5ACK proc time.
     7== blockltm ==
     8ARQ block lifetime. This is the maximum time interval an ARQ block shall be managed by te transmitter ARQ state machine, once initial transmission of the block has occurred. If transmission (or subsequent retransmission) of the block is not acknowledged by the receiver before the time limit is reach, the block is discarded.
     10== txackdelay ==
     11Tx ACK delay.
     13== sltmo ==
     14Sync loss timeout. This is the maximum time interval ARQ_TX_WINDOW_START or ARQ_RX WINDOW_START parameters can stay at the same value before declaring a loss of synchronization between transmitter and receiver.
     16== dlvrorder ==
     17Deliver in order on/off. This option tells received to forward SDUs in same order as sent by transmitter. Default: on
     19== wsize ==
     20Transmission window size.  This is the number of queued ARQ acknowledgement blocks at any given time for a connection. Default: 1024
     22== rxpurgetmo ==
     23RX purge timeout. This is the time interval the receiver shall wait after successful reception of a block that does not result in advancement of ARQ_RX_WINDOW_START value, before advancing to a new ARQ_RX_WINDOW_START.
     25== enable ==
     26Indicates if ARQ is enabled for connection. Default: false
     28== rtmotx ==
     29TX retry timeout. The minimum time interval a transmitter shall wait before retransmission of an unacknowledged block for retransmission. The interval begins when the ARQ block was last transmitted.
     31== bloksize ==
     32ARQ block size in bytes. Before transmission each SDU block is partitioned into a sequence of ARQ blocks of this size. Default: 1024
     34== rtmorx ==
     35RX retry timeout.
     38= References =
     413) Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.16 ARQ Mechanism. Sayenko, Tykhomyrov, Martikainen, Alanen.