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ARQ Control

Automatic Repeat reQuest is the MAC level data connections's error control mechanism.

<service name="arq">
  <info>Set ARQ parameters</info>
    <arg name="ackproctime" isRequired="false" value="[ackproctime]">
      <info>ACK proc time [] (0)</info>
    <arg name="blockltm" isRequired="false" value="[blockltm]">
      <info>ARQ block lifetime [] (5000)</info>
    <arg name="txackdelay" isRequired="false" value="[txackdelay]">
      <info>Tx ACK delay [] (100)</info>
    <arg name="sltmo" isRequired="false" value="[sltmo]">
      <info>Sync loss timeout [] (10000)</info>
    <arg name="dlvrorder" isRequired="false" value="[dlvrorder]">
      <info>Delivery in order: true/false (true)</info>
    <arg name="wsize" isRequired="false" value="[wsize]">
      <info>ARQ window size [0..1024] (1024)</info>
    <arg name="rxpurgetmo" isRequired="false" value="[rxpurgetmo]">
      <info>RX purge timeout [] (5000)</info>
    <arg name="enable" isRequired="false" value="[enable]">
      <info>Enable ARQ: true/false (false)</info>
    <arg name="rtmotx" isRequired="false" value="[rtmotx]">
      <info>TX retry timeout [] (1000)</info>
    <arg name="bloksize" isRequired="false" value="[blocksize]">
      <info>ARQ block size [0..(ARQ windows size/2)] (256)</info>
    <arg name="rtmorx" isRequired="false" value="[rtmorx]">
      <info>RX retry timeout [] (1000)</info>
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