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bs/security - Security Parameters

<service name="bs/security">
      <info>Set SECURITY parameters</info>
            <arg name="sachallengemaxresends" isRequired="false" value="[sachallengemaxresends]">
                  <info>Max number of SA-TEK challenge transmissions. (3)</info>
            <arg name="tekkeylifetime" isRequired="false" value="[tekkeylifetime]">
                  <info>Lifetime of a newly assigned TEK. (Units: s) [60..604800] (3600)</info>
            <arg name="cryptosuite" isRequired="false" value="[cryptosuite]">
                  <info>@@@Text for cryptographic_suite@@@ (0x00020104)</info>
            <arg name="authgracetime" isRequired="false" value="[authgracetime]">
                  <info>Grace time before MS acquires another authorization key. (Units: s) [70..604800] (70)</info>
            <arg name="pkmflowcontrol" isRequired="false" value="[pkmflowcontrol]">
                  <info>@@@Text for pkm_flow_control@@@ (0)</info>
            <arg name="tekgracetime" isRequired="false" value="[tekgracetime]">
                  <info>Grace time for TEK. (Units: 600) [10..3600] (600)</info>
            <arg name="maxsecurityasso" isRequired="false" value="[maxsecurityasso]">
                  <info>@@@Text for max_security_association@@@ (1)</info>
            <arg name="sachallengetmr" isRequired="false" value="[sachallengetmr]">
                  <info>Timeout value for SA-TEK challenge retranmission. (Units: 100ms) [5..20] (10)</info>
            <arg name="pkmversionsupport" isRequired="false" value="[pkmversionsupport]">
                  <info>@@@Text for pkm_version_support@@@ (0x02)</info>
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