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Monitoring and Maintenance Services

    /monitor - Monitor service parameter

    <service name="monitor">
          <info>Set MONITOR parameters</info>
                <arg name="msgmax" isRequired="false" value="[msgmax]">
                      <info>Maximum monitoring data size. (0x0080)</info>
                <arg name="msgfile" isRequired="false" value="[msgfile]">
                      <info>Monitoring data type for local file monitoring (0x00)</info>
                <arg name="msgfilt" isRequired="false" value="[msgfilt]">
                      <info>Management message type to filter (0x43)</info>
    == /maintenance - Maintenance Parameters ==
    <service name="maintenance">
          <info>Set MAINTENANCE parameters</info>
                <arg name="temphigh" isRequired="false" value="[temphigh]">
                      <info>@@@Text for temp_high@@@ (70)</info>
                <arg name="rssilow" isRequired="false" value="[rssilow]">
                      <info>Low threshold for generating the RSSI alarm (-440)</info>
                <arg name="temphirestore" isRequired="false" value="[temphirestore]">
                      <info>@@@Text for temp_high_restore@@@ (62)</info>
                <arg name="rssihigh" isRequired="false" value="[rssihigh]">
                      <info>High threshold for generating the RSSI alarm (-200)</info>
                <arg name="logicbsid" isRequired="false" value="[logicbsid]">
                      <info>Base Station ID (0x00000000)</info>
                <arg name="templow" isRequired="false" value="[templow]">
                      <info>@@@Text for temp_low@@@ (-5)</info>
                <arg name="alarmrst" isRequired="false" value="[alarmrst]">
                      <info>Alarm reset mode (0x01)</info>
                <arg name="templowrestore" isRequired="false" value="[templowrestore]">
                      <info>@@@Text for temp_low_restore@@@ (0)</info>
                <arg name="logseverity" isRequired="false" value="[logseverity]">
                      <info>Define event log level. (5)</info>
    == /misc - Miscellaneous Parameters ==
    === mstp ===
    This parameter indicates the threshold to reduce MS transmit power when UL-RSSI is too high.
     * mstp = -270 ---> -67.5 dBm 
     * mstp = -200 ---> -50.0 dBm
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