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Changes between Version 14 and Version 15 of Old/WiMAX/17/13ainfo

Jun 26, 2012, 1:48:15 PM (11 years ago)
Nilanjan Paul


  • Old/WiMAX/17/13ainfo

    v14 v15  
     294== bs/driver - Driver base parameters ==
     297<service name="bs/driver">
     298  <info>Get status of WiMAX RF  service</info>
     302== bs/maintenance -  ???==
     304<service name=bs/maintenance>
     306Set MAINTENANCE parameters</info>
     308<arg name=logseverity isRequired=false>
     310Define event log level. (5)</info>
     312<arg name=temphigh isRequired=false>
     314@@@Text for temp_high@@@ (70)</info>
     316<arg name=rssilow isRequired=false>
     318Low threshold for generating the RSSI alarm (-440)</info>
     320<arg name=temphirestore isRequired=false>
     322@@@Text for temp_high_restore@@@ (62)</info>
     324<arg name=rssihigh isRequired=false>
     326High threshold for generating the RSSI alarm (-200)</info>
     328<arg name=logicbsid isRequired=false>
     330Base Station ID (0x00000000)</info>
     332<arg name=templow isRequired=false>
     334@@@Text for temp_low@@@ (-5)</info>
     336<arg name=alarmrst isRequired=false>
     338Alarm reset mode (0x01)</info>
     340<arg name=templowrestore isRequired=false>
     342@@@Text for temp_low_restore@@@ (0)</info>
     348== bs/mimo -  ???==
     350<service name=bs/maintenance>
     352Set MAINTENANCE parameters</info>
     354<arg name=logseverity isRequired=false>
     356Define event log level. (5)</info>
     358<arg name=temphigh isRequired=false>
     360@@@Text for temp_high@@@ (70)</info>
     362<arg name=rssilow isRequired=false>
     364Low threshold for generating the RSSI alarm (-440)</info>
     366<arg name=temphirestore isRequired=false>
     368@@@Text for temp_high_restore@@@ (62)</info>
     370<arg name=rssihigh isRequired=false>
     372High threshold for generating the RSSI alarm (-200)</info>
     374<arg name=logicbsid isRequired=false>
     376Base Station ID (0x00000000)</info>
     378<arg name=templow isRequired=false>
     380@@@Text for temp_low@@@ (-5)</info>
     382<arg name=alarmrst isRequired=false>
     384Alarm reset mode (0x01)</info>
     386<arg name=templowrestore isRequired=false>
     388@@@Text for temp_low_restore@@@ (0)</info>
     394== bs/mobile -  ???==
     396<service name=bs/mobile>
     398Set MOBILE parameters</info>
     400<arg name=trigval isRequired=false>
     402Trig-condition trigger value [0.255] (2)</info>
     404<arg name=scaniteration isRequired=false>
     406@@@Text for scan_iteration@@@ (0)</info>
     408<arg name=faindex isRequired=false>
     410@@@Text for fa_index@@@ (0)</info>
     412<arg name=dlcinrmeanthres isRequired=false>
     414@@@Text for dlcinr_mean_threshold@@@ (12)</info>
     416<arg name=reportperiod isRequired=false>
     418Reporting period for scanning results (units: frames) [1..255] (100)</info>
     420<arg name=hofastranging isRequired=false>
     422Support for fast ranging. (0)</info>
     424<arg name=trigavgdurationscnrep isRequired=false>
     426@@@Text for trigger_averaging_duration_scn_rep@@@ (128)</info>
     428<arg name=resourceretaintime isRequired=false>
     430Duration for retaining resource information af MS handover. (Units: ms) [0..65335] (0x000A)</info>
     432<arg name=mobpagadvtranscnt isRequired=false>
     434Time duration margin for transmission timing in MOB_PAG-ADV. (Units: frames) [0.255] (2)</info>
     436<arg name=mobilefeatures isRequired=false>
     438Support handover/idle mode (1)</info>
     440<arg name=trigavgduration isRequired=false>
     442DUration time for avergaing metric. (Units: frames) [0.255] (128)</info>
     444<arg name=trigvaluescnreq isRequired=false>
     446@@@Text for trigger_value_scn_req@@@ (175)</info>
     448<arg name=mobnbradvinterval isRequired=false>
     450Interval of MOB_NBR-ADV messages. [0..30] (10)</info>
     452<arg name=pwrsavingclasscap isRequired=false>
     454@@@Text for power_saving_class_capability@@@ (1)</info>
     456<arg name=reportmetric isRequired=false>
     458Report metric for scanning results. (0x03)</info>
     460<arg name=actiontimetbs isRequired=false>
     462@@@Text for action_time_tbs@@@ (2)</info>
     464<arg name=trigtypescnrep isRequired=false>
     466@@@Text for trigger_type_scn_rep@@@ (0)</info>
     468<arg name=sysresourceretaintime isRequired=false>
     470@@@Text for system_resource_retain_time@@@ (300)</info>
     472<arg name=resrcretainflag isRequired=false>
     474Flag to retain or release resource information of MS after handover. (1)</info>
     476<arg name=pagingintervallen isRequired=false>
     478Time duration for paging interal of BS. (Units: frames) (2)</info>
     480<arg name=trigavgdurationscnreq isRequired=false>
     482@@@Text for trigger_averaging_duration_scn_req@@@ (128)</info>
     484<arg name=pagingretrycount isRequired=false>
     486Max number of retransmission MOB_PAG-ADV message. (3)</info>
     488<arg name=trfindrequired isRequired=false>
     490@@@Text for trf_ind_required@@@ (1)</info>
     492<arg name=hotypesupport isRequired=false>
     494@@@Text for ho_type_support@@@ (1)</info>
     496<arg name=type55 isRequired=false>
     498@@@Text for t55@@@ (200)</info>
     500<arg name=trigfuncscnrep isRequired=false>
     502@@@Text for trigger_function_scn_rep@@@ (3)</info>
     504<arg name=targetbsselection isRequired=false>
     506@@@Text for target_bs_selection@@@ (0)</info>
     508<arg name=mshorettimer isRequired=false>
     510Timer until MS decides to retransmit MOB_MSHO-REQ. (Units: frames) [0..255] (100)</info>
     512<arg name=trigtype isRequired=false>
     514Triggering metric type for SCN-REQ & SCN-REP. (0x00)</info>
     516<arg name=trigtypescnreq isRequired=false>
     518@@@Text for trigger_type_scn_req@@@ (1)</info>
     520<arg name=mngresourceholdingtimer isRequired=false>
     522Time to maintain connection information after BS transmits DREG-CMD. (Units: 100ms) [0..65535] (5)</info>
     524<arg name=trftrigwakenflag isRequired=false>
     526@@@Text for traffic_triggered_wakening_flag@@@ (0)</info>
     528<arg name=assotypesupport isRequired=false>
     530Support for association type. (0x01)</info>
     532<arg name=scanduration isRequired=false>
     534@@@Text for scan_duration@@@ (0)</info>
     536<arg name=reqduration isRequired=false>
     538Expiration time for initiation of MS Idle mode in DREG-REQ (Units: frames) [0..255] (10)</info>
     540<arg name=recommendedneighborbsid isRequired=false>
     542@@@Text for recommended_neighbor_bsid@@@ (0x000000000000)</info>
     544<arg name=mobnbradvfragsize isRequired=false>
     546@@@Text for mob_nbr_adv_fragment_size@@@ (50)</info>
     548<arg name=trigfunc isRequired=false>
     550Triggering function type for SCN-REQ & SCN-REP (0x03)</info>
     552<arg name=trigfunctionscnreq isRequired=false>
     554@@@Text for trigger_function_scn_req@@@ (6)</info>
     556<arg name=dregcmdretrycount isRequired=false>
     558Max number of retransmissions in DREQ-CMD. (3)</info>
     560<arg name=trfindswitch isRequired=false>
     562@@@Text for trf_ind_switch@@@ (1)</info>
     564<arg name=homode isRequired=false>
     566@@@Text for ho_mode@@@ (0)</info>
     568<arg name=interleavinginterval isRequired=false>
     570@@@Text for interleaving_interval@@@ (0)</info>
     572<arg name=cidupdateswitch isRequired=false>
     574Support for CID update. (0)</info>
     576<arg name=dlcinrthrescqich isRequired=false>
     578@@@Text for dlcinr_threshold_cqich@@@ (0)</info>
     580<arg name=reportmode isRequired=false>
     582Report mode for scanning results. (0)</info>
     584<arg name=unsolulgranthoindflag isRequired=false>
     586Support for unsolicitated UL grant or HO-IND (1)</info>
     588<arg name=trigvaluescnrep isRequired=false>
     590@@@Text for trigger_value_scn_rep@@@ (2)</info>
     592<arg name=type46 isRequired=false>
     594@@@Text for t46@@@ (250)</info>
     596<arg name=commmonitortmr isRequired=false>
     598@@@Text for communication_monitor_timer@@@ (300)</info>
     604== bs/monitor -  ???==
     606<service name=bs/monitor>
     608Set MONITOR parameters</info>
     610<arg name=msgmax isRequired=false>
     612Maximum monitoring data size. (0x0080)</info>
     614<arg name=msgfile isRequired=false>
     616Monitoring data type for local file monitoring (0x00)</info>
     618<arg name=msgfilt isRequired=false>
     620Management message type to filter (0x43)</info>
     626== bs/mpc -  ???==
     628<service name=bs/mpc>
     630Set MEASUREMENT & POWER CONTROL parameters</info>
     632<arg name=dlcnlista isRequired=false>
     634@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a@@@ (0x08090A0E0F1417191B1C)</info>
     636<arg name=rssiaverep isRequired=false>
     638@@@Text for rssi_ave_rep@@@ (0x03)</info>
     640<arg name=dlcnlistb7 isRequired=false>
     642@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.7@@@ (25 (64QAM 2/3))</info>
     644<arg name=mngulburstpwroffset isRequired=false>
     646@@@Text for mng_ulburst_pwr_offset@@@ (0)</info>
     648<arg name=dlcnlist5 isRequired=false>
     650@@@Text for dl_cn_list.5@@@ (22 (16QAM 3/4))</info>
     652<arg name=reportfuncselect isRequired=false>
     654@@@Text for report_func_select@@@ (1)</info>
     656<arg name=dlcnlistb2 isRequired=false>
     658@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.2@@@ (10 (QPSK 1/2))</info>
     660<arg name=cinrcorrect isRequired=false>
     662@@@Text for cinr_correct@@@ (0)</info>
     664<arg name=dlcnlist0 isRequired=false>
     666@@@Text for dl_cn_list.0@@@ (8 (QPSK 1/2 x4))</info>
     668<arg name=cinrreusefactor isRequired=false>
     670@@@Text for cinr_reuse_factor@@@ (0)</info>
     672<arg name=subchthres1 isRequired=false>
     674@@@Text for subch_threshold.1@@@ (87 (threshold of class2 after Enty))</info>
     676<arg name=dlcnlista8 isRequired=false>
     678@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.8@@@ (27 (64QAM 3/4))</info>
     680<arg name=pdusnwaittime isRequired=false>
     682@@@Text for pdu_sn_wait_time@@@ (10)</info>
     684<arg name=nitxinterval isRequired=false>
     686Time interval between N+I extended IE. (Units: frames) [0..255] (10)</info>
     688<arg name=subchlimit1 isRequired=false>
     690@@@Text for subch_limit.1@@@ (8 (limit value of class1 after Enty))</info>
     692<arg name=dlcnlista3 isRequired=false>
     694@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.3@@@ (14 (QPSK 3/4))</info>
     696<arg name=ratedowncount isRequired=false>
     698@@@Text for rate_down_count@@@ (3)</info>
     700<arg name=hrpowmergin isRequired=false>
     702@@@Text for hr_power_mergin@@@ (-24)</info>
     704<arg name=dlcnlist9 isRequired=false>
     706@@@Text for dl_cn_list.9@@@ (28 (64QAM 5/6))</info>
     708<arg name=pathlosscorrect isRequired=false>
     710@@@Text for pathloss_correct@@@ (0)</info>
     712<arg name=dlcnlistb6 isRequired=false>
     714@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.6@@@ (23 (64QAM 1/2))</info>
     716<arg name=dlcnlist4 isRequired=false>
     718@@@Text for dl_cn_list.4@@@ (18 (16QAM 1/2))</info>
     720<arg name=mimofeedbkcycle isRequired=false>
     722@@@Text for MIMO_feedback_cycle@@@ (0)</info>
     724<arg name=dlcnlistb1 isRequired=false>
     726@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.1@@@ (9 (QPSK 1/2 x2))</info>
     728<arg name=rssicorrect isRequired=false>
     730@@@Text for rssi_correct@@@ (62)</info>
     732<arg name=dlcnlist isRequired=false>
     734@@@Text for dl_cn_list@@@ (0x08090A0E121617191B1C)</info>
     736<arg name=cinrmeaspriority isRequired=false>
     738@@@Text for cinr_measure_priority@@@ (0x0104)</info>
     740<arg name=subchthres0 isRequired=false>
     742@@@Text for subch_threshold.0@@@ (84 (threshold of class1 after Enty))</info>
     744<arg name=dlcnlista7 isRequired=false>
     746@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.7@@@ (25 (64QAM 2/3))</info>
     748<arg name=alphapavg isRequired=false>
     750@@@Text for alpha_p_avg@@@ (0)</info>
     752<arg name=offsetbseirp isRequired=false>
     754Offset value for open loop power control. (Units: db) [-32..31.75] (0)</info>
     756<arg name=subchlimit0 isRequired=false>
     758@@@Text for subch_limit.0@@@ (4 (limit value before Enty))</info>
     760<arg name=dlcnlista2 isRequired=false>
     762@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.2@@@ (10 (QPSK 1/2))</info>
     764<arg name=rateupcount isRequired=false>
     766@@@Text for rate_up_count@@@ (7)</info>
     768<arg name=dlcnlistb5 isRequired=false>
     770@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.5@@@ (20 (16QAM 3/4))</info>
     772<arg name=ladl isRequired=false>
     774@@@Text for la_dl@@@ (1)</info>
     776<arg name=dlcnlist8 isRequired=false>
     778@@@Text for dl_cn_list.8@@@ (27 (64QAM 3/4))</info>
     780<arg name=reportintervalrssi isRequired=false>
     782Report interval for REP-REQ/RSP. (Units: s) [0..60] (0)</info>
     784<arg name=dlcnlistb0 isRequired=false>
     786@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.0@@@ (8 (QPSK 1/2 x4))</info>
     788<arg name=gtb4int isRequired=false>
     790@@@Text for gtb4_int@@@ (2800)</info>
     792<arg name=dlcnlist3 isRequired=false>
     794@@@Text for dl_cn_list.3@@@ (14 (QPSK 3/4))</info>
     796<arg name=cqichupdateinterval isRequired=false>
     798Update interval of transmitting CQICH allocation IE. (Units: frames) [40,80,160,320,640] (640)</info>
     800<arg name=powreportduration isRequired=false>
     802Duration of tx power report. [1..15] (8)</info>
     804<arg name=ulcnoverride2 isRequired=false>
     806@@@Text for ul_cn_override2@@@ (0x444423221234800C)</info>
     808<arg name=clpoweradjust isRequired=false>
     810@@@Text for cl_power_adjust@@@ (0)</info>
     812<arg name=subchthres isRequired=false>
     814@@@Text for subch_threshold@@@ (0x54575A)</info>
     816<arg name=dlcnlista6 isRequired=false>
     818@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.6@@@ (23 (64QAM 1/2))</info>
     820<arg name=dlcnlistb9 isRequired=false>
     822@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.9@@@ (28 (64QAM 5/6))</info>
     824<arg name=subchlimit isRequired=false>
     826@@@Text for subch_limit@@@ (0x04080402)</info>
     828<arg name=dlcnlista1 isRequired=false>
     830@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.1@@@ (9 (QPSK 1/2 x2))</info>
     832<arg name=matrixctrlinterval isRequired=false>
     834@@@Text for matrix_control_interval@@@ (200)</info>
     836<arg name=dlcnlistb4 isRequired=false>
     838@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.4@@@ (15 (16QAM 1/2))</info>
     840<arg name=laul isRequired=false>
     842@@@Text for la_ul@@@ (0)</info>
     844<arg name=dlcnlist7 isRequired=false>
     846@@@Text for dl_cn_list.7@@@ (25 (64QAM 2/3))</info>
     848<arg name=reportintervalrep isRequired=false>
     850Report interval of REP-REQ/RSP. (Units: frames) [0..255] (200)</info>
     852<arg name=dlcnlistb isRequired=false>
     854@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b@@@ (0x08090A0E0F1417191B1C)</info>
     856<arg name=gtb2int isRequired=false>
     858@@@Text for gtb2_int@@@ (3800)</info>
     860<arg name=dlcnlist2 isRequired=false>
     862@@@Text for dl_cn_list.2@@@ (10 (QPSK 1/2))</info>
     864<arg name=cqichrepinterval isRequired=false>
     866Report interval for CQICH. [0..3] (3)</info>
     868<arg name=dlcnlista5 isRequired=false>
     870@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.5@@@ (20 (16QAM 3/4))</info>
     872<arg name=powreportthres isRequired=false>
     874Threshold of tx power report. (Units: db) [1..15] (15)</info>
     876<arg name=openlpmodechg isRequired=false>
     878@@@Text for openloop_mode_chg@@@ (2)</info>
     880<arg name=subchlimit3 isRequired=false>
     882@@@Text for subch_limit.3@@@ (2 (limit value of class3 after Enty))</info>
     884<arg name=dlcnlistb8 isRequired=false>
     886@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.8@@@ (27 (64QAM 3/4))</info>
     888<arg name=dlcnlista0 isRequired=false>
     890@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.0@@@ (8 (QPSK 1/2 x4))</info>
     892<arg name=ratectrlinterval isRequired=false>
     894Update interval for rate control. (Units: frames) [1..1024] (200)</info>
     896<arg name=subchenable isRequired=false>
     898@@@Text for subch_enable@@@ (0)</info>
     900<arg name=dlcnlist6 isRequired=false>
     902@@@Text for dl_cn_list.6@@@ (23 (64QAM 1/2))</info>
     904<arg name=niavgfactor isRequired=false>
     906@@@Text for ni_avg_factor@@@ (0)</info>
     908<arg name=dlcnlistb3 isRequired=false>
     910@@@Text for dl_cn_list_b.3@@@ (14 (QPSK 3/4))</info>
     912<arg name=cinrreportcontents isRequired=false>
     914CINR reports content. (0)</info>
     916<arg name=dlphyquality isRequired=false>
     918@@@Text for dl_phy_quality@@@ (0)</info>
     920<arg name=dlcnlist1 isRequired=false>
     922@@@Text for dl_cn_list.1@@@ (9 (QPSK 1/2 x2))</info>
     924<arg name=gtb1int isRequired=false>
     926@@@Text for gtb1_int@@@ (0)</info>
     928<arg name=dlcnlista9 isRequired=false>
     930@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.9@@@ (28 (64QAM 5/6))</info>
     932<arg name=subchthres2 isRequired=false>
     934@@@Text for subch_threshold.2@@@ (90 (threshold of class3 after Enty))</info>
     936<arg name=pwconmode isRequired=false>
     938@@@Text for pwcon_mode@@@ (2)</info>
     940<arg name=clpowwaittime isRequired=false>
     942@@@Text for cl_power_waittime@@@ (10)</info>
     944<arg name=dlcnlista4 isRequired=false>
     946@@@Text for dl_cn_list_a.4@@@ (15 (16QAM 1/2))</info>
     948<arg name=subchlimit2 isRequired=false>
     950@@@Text for subch_limit.2@@@ (4 (limit value of class2 after Enty))</info>
     956== bs/security -  ???==
     958<service name=bs/security>
     960Set SECURITY parameters</info>
     962<arg name=tekkeylifetime isRequired=false>
     964Lifetime of a newly assigned TEK. (Units: s) [60..604800] (3600)</info>
     966<arg name=cryptosuite isRequired=false>
     968@@@Text for cryptographic_suite@@@ (0x00020104)</info>
     970<arg name=authgracetime isRequired=false>
     972Grace time before MS acquires another authorization key. (Units: s) [70..604800] (70)</info>
     974<arg name=pkmflowcontrol isRequired=false>
     976@@@Text for pkm_flow_control@@@ (0)</info>
     978<arg name=tekgracetime isRequired=false>
     980Grace time for TEK. (Units: 600) [10..3600] (600)</info>
     982<arg name=maxsecurityasso isRequired=false>
     984@@@Text for max_security_association@@@ (1)</info>
     986<arg name=sachallengetmr isRequired=false>
     988Timeout value for SA-TEK challenge retranmission. (Units: 100ms) [5..20] (10)</info>
     990<arg name=pkmversionsupport isRequired=false>
     992@@@Text for pkm_version_support@@@ (0x02)</info>
     994<arg name=sachallengemaxresends isRequired=false>
     996Max number of SA-TEK challenge transmissions. (3)</info>
     1002== bs/wireless -  ???==
     1004<service name=bs/wireless>
     1006Set WIRELESS parameters</info>
     1008<arg name=dcducdrepcnt isRequired=false>
     1010@@@Text for dcducd_repetition_cnt@@@ (6)</info>
     1012<arg name=initranginterval isRequired=false>
     1014@@@Text for initrang_interval@@@ (1)</info>
     1016<arg name=bstxpow isRequired=false>
     1018BS transmit power (40)</info>
     1020<arg name=periodicrangcode isRequired=false>
     1022Number of periodic ranging CDMA codes available [0..255] (64)</info>
     1024<arg name=gmsenable isRequired=false>
     1026@@@Text for gms_enable@@@ (0x06)</info>
     1028<arg name=permutation isRequired=false>
     1030Support permutation mode. (0)</info>
     1032<arg name=initrangnosubchan isRequired=false>
     1034@@@Text for initrang_no_subchannel@@@ (6)</info>
     1036<arg name=periodicbackoffstart isRequired=false>
     1038@@@Text for periodic_backoff_start@@@ (3)</info>
     1040<arg name=rxhorangingmax isRequired=false>
     1042@@@Text for rx_ho_ranging_max@@@ (0)</info>
     1044<arg name=usedsubchul isRequired=false>
     1046Used UL subchannel group. (0x0000000007FFFFFFFF)</info>
     1048<arg name=rangbackoffend isRequired=false>
     1050Final backoff window size for initial ranging contention, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (15)</info>
     1052<arg name=fnrandseed isRequired=false>
     1054@@@Text for fn_randseed@@@ (0)</info>
     1056<arg name=prbsid isRequired=false>
     1058PRBS_ID for 2nd zone [0..2] (0)</info>
     1060<arg name=bwreqnosymbol isRequired=false>
     1062@@@Text for bwreq_no_symbol@@@ (1)</info>
     1064<arg name=minphyrateertps isRequired=false>
     1066Minimum PHY rate for Extended Real-Time Polling Service (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
     1068<arg name=rtg isRequired=false>
     1070Receive transmit transition gap (units: PS) (168)</info>
     1072<arg name=antennagain isRequired=false>
     1074Antenna gain of BS (units: DBi) [0..255] (0)</info>
     1076<arg name=feedbackstsubchan isRequired=false>
     1078@@@Text for feedback_st_subchannel@@@ (6)</info>
     1080<arg name=fairnessmode isRequired=false>
     1082@@@Text for fairness_mode@@@ (1)</info>
     1084<arg name=dlmaprepcnt isRequired=false>
     1086@@@Text for dlmap_repetition_cnt@@@ (6)</info>
     1088<arg name=harqacknosubchan isRequired=false>
     1090@@@Text for harqack_no_subchannel@@@ (2)</info>
     1092<arg name=freq isRequired=false>
     1094Center frequency (2590000)</info>
     1096<arg name=initrangcode isRequired=false>
     1098Number of initial CDMA ranging codes [0..255] (64)</info>
     1100<arg name=siiadvinterval isRequired=false>
     1102@@@Text for siiadv_interval@@@ (10)</info>
     1104<arg name=usedsubchdl isRequired=false>
     1106Used DL subchannel group. (0x3F)</info>
     1108<arg name=initrangnosymbol isRequired=false>
     1110@@@Text for initrang_no_symbol@@@ (2)</info>
     1112<arg name=hobackoffend isRequired=false>
     1114Final bakoff window size for handoff. (15)</info>
     1116<arg name=rxinitialrangingmax isRequired=false>
     1118@@@Text for rx_initial_ranging_max@@@ (4)</info>
     1120<arg name=dlpermfusc isRequired=false>
     1122DL permutation base for 2nd zone. [0..31] (0)</info>
     1124<arg name=bwreqstsubchan isRequired=false>
     1126@@@Text for bwreq_st_subchannel@@@ (0)</info>
     1128<arg name=rangbackoffstart isRequired=false>
     1130Initial backoff window size for initial ranging contention, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (3)</info>
     1132<arg name=ulpuscrotation isRequired=false>
     1134@@@Text for ul_pusc_rotation@@@ (0)</info>
     1136<arg name=feedbackstsymbol isRequired=false>
     1138@@@Text for feedback_st_symbol@@@ (0)</info>
     1140<arg name=cqichbwreq isRequired=false>
     1142@@@Text for cqich_bwreq@@@ (1)</info>
     1144<arg name=minphyrateugs isRequired=false>
     1146Minimum PHY rate for Unsolicited Grant Service (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
     1148<arg name=ttg isRequired=false>
     1150Transmit Receive transition gap (units: PS) (296)</info>
     1152<arg name=bsrxgain isRequired=false>
     1154Bs rx gain (61)</info>
     1156<arg name=timinggapoffset isRequired=false>
     1158@@@Text for timing_gap_offset@@@ (-748)</info>
     1160<arg name=dlmapencodetype isRequired=false>
     1162Encoding-type of DL map (0)</info>
     1164<arg name=harqacknosymbol isRequired=false>
     1166@@@Text for harqack_no_symbol@@@ (3)</info>
     1168<arg name=dcducdinterv isRequired=false>
     1170Time interval between UCD and DCD mesages (units: frames) [10..4000] (0x00C8)</info>
     1172<arg name=startrangcode isRequired=false>
     1174Initial value of code group of initial ranging. [0..255] (0)</info>
     1176<arg name=segmentul isRequired=false>
     1178 (0)</info>
     1180<arg name=initrangstsubchan isRequired=false>
     1182@@@Text for initrang_st_subchannel@@@ (0)</info>
     1184<arg name=hobackoffstart isRequired=false>
     1186Initial backoff window size for handoff. (3)</info>
     1188<arg name=framesyncmode isRequired=false>
     1190@@@Text for framesync_mode@@@ (2)</info>
     1192<arg name=dlulratio isRequired=false>
     1194@@@Text for dlulration@@@ (0x00)</info>
     1196<arg name=bwreqstsymbol isRequired=false>
     1198@@@Text for bwreq_st_symbol@@@ (2)</info>
     1200<arg name=minphyratebe isRequired=false>
     1202@@@Text for min_phy_rate_be@@@ (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
     1204<arg name=pwradjustthres isRequired=false>
     1206@@@Text for pwr_adjust_threshold@@@ (12)</info>
     1208<arg name=maxrxpow isRequired=false>
     1210Maximum rx power (-45)</info>
     1212<arg name=horangcode isRequired=false>
     1214Number of handover ranging codes. [0..255] (64)</info>
     1216<arg name=bcpietranscnt isRequired=false>
     1218@@@Text for bcp_ie_transmit_count@@@ (117)</info>
     1220<arg name=admissionthres isRequired=false>
     1222@@@Text for admission_threshold@@@ (0)</info>
     1224<arg name=defrssiave isRequired=false>
     1226Default RSSI averaging parameter on DCD messages. (0x00)</info>
     1228<arg name=contentiontimeout isRequired=false>
     1230Contention-based reservation timeout [0..255] (8)</info>
     1232<arg name=odualmctrl isRequired=false>
     1234@@@Text for odu_alm_control@@@ (0x10000000)</info>
     1236<arg name=compressmap isRequired=false>
     1238Compressed map on/off (0)</info>
     1240<arg name=harqackstsubchan isRequired=false>
     1242@@@Text for harqack_st_subchannel@@@ (33)</info>
     1244<arg name=reqbackoffend isRequired=false>
     1246Final backoff window size for contention bandwidth requests, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (15)</info>
     1248<arg name=frameadjustthres isRequired=false>
     1250@@@Text for frame_adjust_threshold@@@ (500000)</info>
     1252<arg name=segment isRequired=false>
     1254Segment on/off (0)</info>
     1256<arg name=initrangstsymbol isRequired=false>
     1258@@@Text for initrang_st_symbol@@@ (0)</info>
     1260<arg name=minphyratenrtps isRequired=false>
     1262Minimum PHY rate for Non-Real-Time Polling Service. (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
     1264<arg name=odunoisefloor isRequired=false>
     1266@@@Text for odu_noise_floor@@@ (40)</info>
     1268<arg name=bwmode isRequired=false>
     1270Bandwidth mode [0 = 10MHz, 1=7MHz, 2=5MHz] (0)</info>
     1272<arg name=feedbacknosubchan isRequired=false>
     1274@@@Text for feedback_no_subchannel@@@ (29)</info>
     1276<arg name=defcinrave isRequired=false>
     1278Default CINR averaging parameter on DCD messages. (0x03)</info>
     1280<arg name=multicastrepcnt isRequired=false>
     1282@@@Text for multicast_repetition_cnt@@@ (6)</info>
     1284<arg name=bwrangcode isRequired=false>
     1286Number of bandwidth request codes available. [0..255] (64)</info>
     1288<arg name=bstxpowoffs isRequired=false>
     1290BS transmit power offset (0)</info>
     1292<arg name=macvers isRequired=false>
     1294@@@Text for mac_version@@@ (6)</info>
     1296<arg name=harqackstsymbol isRequired=false>
     1298@@@Text for harqack_st_symbol@@@ (0)</info>
     1300<arg name=numofsegment isRequired=false>
     1302Number of segments (0)</info>
     1304<arg name=periodicbackoffend isRequired=false>
     1306@@@Text for periodic_backoff_end@@@ (15)</info>
     1308<arg name=rfcablelen isRequired=false>
     1310@@@Text for rf_cable_len@@@ (0)</info>
     1312<arg name=bwreqnosubchan isRequired=false>
     1314@@@Text for bwreq_no_subchannel@@@ (6)</info>
     1316<arg name=preambleid isRequired=false>
     1318Preamble number. Set different nunber for each BS and Segment from each other. The cell ID / segment # is derived from this parameter.[0..113] (0)</info>
     1320<arg name=reqbackoffstart isRequired=false>
     1322Initial backoff window size for contention bandwidth requests, expressed as a power of 2. This is encoded in the UCD message in the MAC layer. [0..15] (3)</info>
     1324<arg name=sdumaxdelay isRequired=false>
     1326@@@Text for sdu_max_delay@@@ (5000)</info>
     1328<arg name=feedbacknosymbol isRequired=false>
     1330@@@Text for feedback_no_symbol@@@ (3)</info>
     1332<arg name=permbase isRequired=false>
     1334Permutation base (0x00)</info>
     1336<arg name=agingtimeout isRequired=false>
     1338@@@Text for aging_timeout@@@ (30)</info>
     1340<arg name=minphyratertps isRequired=false>
     1342Minimum PHY rate for Real-Time Polling Service (QPSK 1/2 (0))</info>
     1344<arg name=fairnesscountreset isRequired=false>
     1346@@@Text for fairness_count_reset@@@ (2)</info>
     1352== bs/debug - DEBUG parameters ==
     1354<service name=bs/debug>
     1355   <info>Set DEBUG parameters</info>
     1356   <args>
     1357      <arg name=debug27 isRequired=false>
     1358         <info>Debug variable 27 (-280)</info>
     1359      </arg>
     1360   </args>
    2941364== /status - Get Current Status ==
    2971366<service name="bs/status">
    3021371== /get - Get Basestation Parameter ==
    3051373<service name="bs/get">
    3101378== /set - Set Basestation Parameter ==
    3131380<service name="bs/set">
    3181385== /restart - Restart the Base Station ==
    3211387<service name="bs/restart">