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Datapath Control Services

WiMAX RF Aggregate Manager

    datapath/config/list - Displays list of ACL (Access control list) profiles

    <service name="datapath/config/list">
       <info>This service list all datapath client configurations from database.</info>

    datapath/config/load - Loads an ACL profile from database

    <service name="datapath/config/load">
       <info>This service loads datapath client configuration from database.</info>
          <arg name="name" isRequired="true">
             <info>Name of client's status.</info>

    datapath/config/save - Saves current ACL as a profile in database

    <service name="datapath/config/save">

    <info>This service saves current datapath client configuration database.</info> <args>

    <arg name="vlan" isRequired="true">

    <info>Vlan number.</info>

    </arg> <arg name="name" isRequired="true">

    <info>Name of status.</info>




    datapath/config/delete - Removes ACL profile from database

    <service name="datapath/config/delete">

    <info>This service deletes saved datapath client configuration from database.</info> <args>

    <arg name="name" isRequired="true">

    <info>Name of configuration.</info>




    datapath/config/show - Displays content of an ACL profile

    datapath/clients/add - Adds client MAC address to ACL

    Add client with given MAC address to the list of authorized clients and specify the slice to which it belongs. Optionally provide IP address. Depending on the policy setting in the configuration, unauthorized clients will be refused access.

    <service name='datapath/clients/addClient'>
      <info>Add client with specified MAC address to BS access list</info>
        <arg name='ipaddress' isRequired='false' value='[ipaddress]'><info>IP address for the client</info></arg>
        <arg name='macaddr' isRequired='true' value='macaddr'><info>MAC address of the client</info></arg>
        <arg name='vlanid' isRequired='true' value='vlanid'><info>VLAN ID (slice) that the client belongs to</info></arg>

    Example usage:


    datapath/clients/delete - Delete client MAC address from current ACL

    datapath/clients/modify - Modifies client's VLAN or IP address

    datapath/clients/status - Displays current ACL configuration on BS

    datapath/list - Displays current datapath according to Interface, VLAN id and type

    datapath/status - Displays datapath status by VLAN id

    datapath/add - Adds datapath according to Interface, VLAN id and type

    datapath/delete - Deletes datapath according VLAN id

    datapath/clean - Removes all datapaths

    /deleteClient - database

    Removes client with specified macaddr from authorization list.

    <service name="deleteClient"><info>Delete client with specified MAC address from BS access list</info>
        <arg name="macaddr" isRequired="true" value="macaddr"><info>MAC address of the client</info></arg>

    Example usage:


    /listClients - List clients registered in the ACL database

    Display the list of authorized clients.

    <service name="listClients"><info>List clients...</info>

    Example usage:


    RF Matrix Control Services

    1. set - to set attenuation on given ports pair (example portA=1 , portB=2 attenuation = 20)
    $ wget -O status http://localhost:5052/instr/set?portA=1\&portB=2\&att=20

    2.get - to get attenuation on given pair of ports

    $ wget -O status http://localhost:5052/instr/get?portA=1\&portB=8

    3.status - to get attenuation on all port pairs

    $ wget -O status http://localhost:5052/instr/status 
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