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WiMAX RF Aggregate Manager Service

wimaxrf is a service to configure and control WIMAX (Basestation) RF Section7

ARQ Control parameters

HARQ Control parameters

ASN-GW parameters

Monitor Service parameters

Maintenance Service parameters

Driver Base Service parameters

Downlink Profile parameters

Uplink Profile parameters

Wireless Service parameters

Measure & Power Control Service parameters

MIMO Service parameters

Debug Service parameters

Mobile Service parameters

Security Service parameters

Wireless Service parameters

HARQ Control

<service name="harq">
  <info>Set HARQ parameters</info>
    <arg name="uldelay" isRequired="false" value="[uldelay]">
      <info>Frame offset of UL ACK delay wrt to UL Burst [2,3] (3)</info>
    <arg name="dldelay" isRequired="false" value="[dldelay]">
      <info>Frame offset of DL ACK delay wrt to DL Burst [1,2,3] (1)</info>
    <arg name="mimoul" isRequired="false" value="[mimoul]">
      <info>MIMO HARQ support: true/false (IGNORED - mimo support not available for this BS)</info>
    <arg name="pdusn" isRequired="false" value="[pdusn]">
      <info>PDU SN extended subheader reordering enabled: true/false (true)</info>
    <arg name="enable" isRequired="false" value="[enable]">
      <info>Enable HARQ: true/false (false)</info>
    <arg name="mret" isRequired="false" value="[retran]">
      <info>Maximum number of retransmissions [0..255] (4)</info>
    <arg name="burst" isRequired="false" value="[burst]">
      <info>Maximum number of HARQ bursts per frame [0..255] (17)</info>

/info - Get the information about configuration parameters of the Base Station

<service name="info">
  <info>Get information about the Base Station</info>
<service name="status">
  <info>Get status of WiMAX RF  service</info>

/restart - Restart the Base Station

<service name="restart">
  <info>Restart the Base Station</info>

/default - Reset Basestation to Default parameters

<service name="defaults">
  <info>Restore Base Station parameters from default configuration</info>

/restore - Restore Base Station parameters from saved configuration

<service name="restore">
  <info>Restore Base Station parameters from saved configuration</info>
service name="uploadr"/>

/get - Get Basestation Parameter

<service name="get">
<info>Get Basestation Static Parameter</info>

/set - Set Basestation Parameter

<service name="set">
  <info>Set Basestation Static Parameter</info>
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