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    2121|| || WE2XWE || 2610 || NL 40-28-05; WL 74-26-44 || ||
     23 = Login to Orbit Wimax Resources via GENI Portal =
     25 * Login to [ GENI Portal]
     26 * Click on '''Wimax''' tab under the Tools tab
     27 * Choose a project to enable "wimax". This allows the GENI portal to share your username and SSH public keys with the Orbit Login service
     28 * You will receive an email from <account-manager at>
     29   {{{
     31      Your GENI WiMAX account on ORBIT testebed has been created with username: <username> and with your GENI portal password. You can use it to reserve a ORBIT domain (testbed) of your choice for experimentation by using the SCHEDULER tab on the ORBIT GENI wiki at In the process of account creation, your ssh keys were also transferred to ORBIT infrastructure allowing you to ssh into all domains once your reservations are approved. Please note that your GENI account will only work with site (and not with other ORBIT wiki pages that require login). Also, please * DO NOT * edit your profile/password/keys on the control panel that is available on the ORBIT GENI site. This will result in multiple sets of credentials and potential loss of access to either ORBIT GENI wiki or GENI Portal. Please USE the GENI portal to edit any user preferences.
     33You can find a collection of documentation as well as tutorials by visiting
     35Also, as part of the registration process your were subscribed to the ORBIT user mailing list; it is a place to hear announcements, ask questions, and read about other users' experiences.
     37If you have any trouble with your account or if you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at
     40The ORBIT Team
     43 * Please visit [ GENI Orbit]
     44 * Click on '''Login'''
     45 * You will be redirected to a web page to allow you to share credentials with the GENI portal
     46 * Click on "Send my Information"
     47 * You will now be logged into the GENI Orbit wiki
     48 * Click on '''Scheduler''' to reserve GENI WiMax resources