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    357357This static address is not preserved when the Teltonika device is removed from the host machine, and it needs to be configured each time that the device is connected to the host.
     359== 12.4 Installing the Beceem Driver for Linux-Airspan BS Compatibility ==
     361Commands to be run as the root user have the '#' prompt, commands to be run as a normal user have the '$' prompt.
     363=== 1. Install Linux ===
     365Install Ubuntu version 11.04 or later on a netbook.  A Linux kernel of version of 2.6.38 or greater is required to install the drivers; to determine the current systems kernel version run:
     368$ uname -r
     371This method was complete successfully on Ubuntu 11.10.
     373=== 2. Resources ===
     375A WiMAX dongle with a Beceem chipset is required to use the driver to connect to a WiMAX network. An AWB US211 USB adapter was used when testing the netbook configured using this guide, although any dongle with a Beceem chipset should work.
     377Files in the following tarball are required to install the driver: . The tarball is quite large (100s of MB) and may take a few minutes or more to download.
     379It will be assumed that these files were downloaded to the ~/Downloads/ directory for the remainder of the guide. Extract the files:
     382$ cd ~/Downloads
     383$ tar -xvzf BeceemSource.tar.gz
     386The following packages should be installed using apt-get:
     389# apt-get install libglobus-openssl libglobus-openssl-dev libssl-dev  #Required to install libeap library
     390# apt-get install linux-source linux-headers-$(uname -r) openssl unzip patch  #Required to install driver
     393=== 3. Install libeap Library ===
     395Patch and install the wpa_supplicant using the commands:
     398$ cd ~/Downloads/BeceemSource/
     399$ tar -xvf wpa_supplicant-0.7.3.tar.gz
     400$ cd wpa_supplicant-0.7.3.tar.gz
     401$ patch -p1 < ../wpa_supplicant-0.7.3-generate-libeap-peer.patch
     402# make -C src/eap_peer
     403# make -C src/eap_peer install
     404# ldconfig
     407This library is required to install the wimaxd utility, and does not get installed properly by the script provided in the Sprint tarball.
     409=== 4. Prepare linux-source for Install ===
     411A kernel environment is required to properly construct the driver. To create this environment from the source files installed with apt-get, run:
     414$ cd /usr/src
     415$ tar xvfj linux-source-X.X.X.tar.bz2  #Where the kernel version number takes the place of X.X.X
     416$ cd linux-source-X.X.X
     417# make oldconfig
     418# make prepare
     419# make modules_prepare
     420$ ln -s linux-sources-X.X.X linux
     423The final command creates a symlink, which simplifies later installation by allowing all default paths to be used when building the driver.
     425=== 5. Build the Driver ===
     427Unpack the Sprint tarball and run the install script:
     430$ cd ~/Downloads/BeceemSource/
     431$ tar xvfz Sprint4GDeveloperPack-
     432$ cd Sprint4GDeveloperPack-
     433# ./
     436The installer will prompt for various file paths, if the symlink was created in the last step then the default options should be correct.
     438After the install finishes run the following commands to add the new driver to the startup modules, and verify success:
     441# insmod drxvi314.ko
     442# dmesg -c
     445The dmesg command should output a line that includes "Initialized usbbcm" upon a successful kernel install.
     447=== 6. Reboot, Configure, and Verify ===
     449Reboot the netbook. After startup copy the following files with the commands:
     452# cp /usr/src/USB_350/Source/CSCM/BeceemCSCM/wimaxd.conf /etc
     453# cp /lib/firmware/macxvi350.bin /lib/firmware/macxvi200.bin
     456Edit the new /etc/wimaxd.conf file as desired, the file is heavily commented and should be self explanitory. Make sure that the network's center frequency can be found in the CenterFrequencyMHz parameter of the config file, the GENI network center frequency (2590) is not one of the default frequencies. The firmware file is copied because the utilities expect that both the macxvi350.bin and macxvi200.bin will be present when utilities are run.
     458Plug the dongle into a usb port and run:
     461$ lsusb
     464One of the devices should include "Beceem Communications Inc." if the installation was successful.
     466=== 7. Start the Server and Connect ===
     468Start the wimax daemon:
     471# wimaxd -c /etc/wimaxd.conf
     474The prompt "CSCM Server Started" should appear.
     476Run the connection utility:
     479$ wimaxc -i
     482Start search at the subprompt
     485> search
     488If networks are found then the installation is complete!
     490If an error occurs, such as the device can not be found, the interface must be started. Determine the interface for the dongle by running
     493$ ifconfig
     496Match the hardware/MAC address of one of the eth interfaces with the dongle address. Then run the command on that interface (ethX in the code below):
     498# ifconfig ethX up
     501The wimaxc utility should successfully find the hardware and search.