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8. GENI WiMAX Mobile Stations

8.1 Linux PC with Intel WiMAX Modem Card

8.1.1 Linux Laptop PC Platform

8.1.2 Intel 6250 WiMAX Modem Card

8.1.3 Installing Image

Samsung NC10 NetBook

The firmware, tools , network service and the patch were downloaded from LinuxWimax

  1. Compile a Linux Kernel to Version greater than 2.6.35 and reboot into that kernel.
  1. Install the i2400m firmware
    Download the i2400 firmware 1.5.0 version.
    Untar the source , cd to the directory and
      install -o root -g root -m 0644 *.sbcf /lib/firmware
  2. Install the Wimax Tools

First install libnl and libnl's development packages

   apt-get install libnl1 libnl-dev libglib2.0-0 libglib2.0-dev
   apt-get install build-essential pkg-config
   cd ~Download/wimax-tools-1.4.3 
   export I2400M=/lib/firmware/
   make install
  1. Build the libeap library
    To do that first install openssl libraries.
    apt-get install libglobus-openssl libglobus-openssl-dev libssl-dev 

Download the Supplicant from wpa-supplicant Untar and unzip the download

cd ~Downloads/wpa_supplicant-0.7.3
patch -p1 < PATH/wpa_supplicant-0.7.3-generate-libeap-peer.patch 
make -C src/eap_peer
make -C src/eap_peer install

Please do not forget to run ldconfig otherwise you will not be able to build the Wimax-Tools from Intel.

  1. Build the Intel-Wimax-Tools Untar and unzip the downloaded source and

cd ~Downloads/wimax-1.5.1 Add in the NDnSAgentConfig_forDriver.xml file

                                                <Text>GENI WiMAX Technical Support</Text>
                                                <Text>GENI Portal</Text>

Geni Configuration File

./configure --with-linux=/usr --with-libwimaxll=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --prefix=/usr --enable-instrument --with-wimax-db-bin=/var --with-ver-info-bin=/var
make install

This new configuration with the .bin enabled allows us now to modify the NDns parameters on the fly by modifying WiMAX_Def.bin and WiMAX_DB.bin files located in /var/lib/wimax directory.
You can edit the file and restart the wimaxd service to see the changes. The GENI files are included here.

GENI Definition File

GENI Database File

If you wish to follow the older model of modifying the NDnSAgentConfig_forDriver.xml and recompiling for every change can still do so.

Instructions are Here

8.1.4 Downloading Complete Image

Based on Ubuntu 10.04 with compiled Kernel .35 and the Intel WiMAX driver source compiled on 8/25/2010 and with the GENI configuration file;

latest image for NC10!

8.1.5 Using the Service

  1. wimaxcu ron - Turn the Software Radio On
  1. wimaxcu plist - Check to See Geni Profile is Available
  1. wimaxcu scan wide - Scan all the available Base Stations
  1. wimaxcu connect network Geni - Connect to the GENI wimax station
  1. dhclient wmx0 - Obtain an IP address
  1. wimaxcu -i wmxX -b - Start the wimax service in background
  1. wimaxcu -i wmxX -k - Kill the wimax service

8.2 Intel WiMAX Modem with USB Adaptor

8.2.1 Intel 6250 WiMAX Modem in USB Adaptor

8.2.2 PC Platforms

8.2.3 Installing Image

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