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     67==== Wimax Base-station Statistics Monitoring ====
     69Periodically,the wimaxbase stations across the campuses report numerical data like frequency, power, number of users, UL/DL transfer rates, number of clients etc to the Global OML (Orbit Lab). The following documentation includes details about how these statistics can be visualized and monitored.
     72==== Base-station statistics database ====
     74* IDB1 in orbit-lab collects the sqlite database of statistics for each of the basestation sites. IDB1 can be accessed from the gateway. The sqlite data resides in the /var/lib/oml2 directory.
     76* script takes an sqlite database and converts it into csv. Change the code to make it point to the database you want to convert. 
     78* reads from the csv and prints out the relation_cache.txt. It contains the mapping between sender id and the campus name.
     80* Change to point towards the csv created the previous step.
     82* Other changes made included, adding the following files.
     84    * parse_basestations_relations (original)
     85    * report wimax_basestations_relations: Added a basestation "node" resource to each aggregate
     87* The parsing script is run as a cron job every 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes, a new txt file is created.
     89* The gmoc client script ( was changed to account for the new wimax base station metrics. A new class 'wimaxbasestationStats' was added. It specifies the metric that are being reported by the Wimax basestation statistics.
     91* To run the script (s1/ parse_wimaxbs_relations) use the following format
     94python -oml_sender_id 0 -oml_seq 0 -oml_ts_client 0 -oml_ts_server 0 -frequency 0 -power 0 -noclient 0 -ulsdu= 0 -ulpdu= 0 -dlsdu 0 -dlpdu 0
    6897=== 1.3.5  GENI WiMAX Sites and Contacts ===