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16. Wimax Measurement Experiment: oml2-iperf with variable link attenuation values


This experiment runs oml2-iperf on two nodes and collects bandwidth measurements along with the controlled attenuator values. The RSSI seen by the wimax node interface is varied by controlling this attenuator value. At different attenuator values we can measure the down link throughput for the wimax interface.

This experiment script is geared towards nodes on sand box 4 which has nodes with wireless interfaces connected the base station via an rf attenuator matrix.

Hardware utilized

  1. Sandbox 4 node1-4: runs oml2-iperf as server. The wimax interface card is used for measurements.
  2. Sandbox 4 node1-9: runs oml2-iperf as client.
  3. RF-attenuator matrix: this used by the script to attenuate the air interface between the wimax base station and node.

Software requirements worth mentioning

  1. baseline-iperf.ndz: disk image that's loaded onto the nodes. This image is loaded with oml2-iperf.
  2. oml2-server: this is a server running on sandbox 4 which collects measurement data from oml2-iperf.

Set up

  • Getting started, ssh into the console of sandbox 4.
  • Verify the oml2-server is running: $ ps -elf | grep oml2-server
    nilanjan@console.sb4:~/exp/dl-iperf/5.2$ ps -elf | grep oml2-server
    4 S oml2       948     1  0  80   0 -  2471 poll_s Feb02 ?        00:00:16 /usr/bin/oml2-server -l 3003 --logfile=/var/log/oml2-server.log --user=oml2 --group=oml2
    0 S nilanjan  1259 27360  0  80   0 -  1002 pipe_w 10:59 pts/1    00:00:00 grep oml2-server


  • Start clean, turn off all the nodes: omf-5.2 tell offh all
    nilanjan@console.sb4:~/exp/dl-iperf/5.2$ omf-5.2 tell offh all
     INFO NodeHandler: init OMF Experiment Controller 5.2.408
     INFO Topology: Loading topology 'system:topo:all'.
     Testbed : - Command: offHard
     Node n_1_2 - Ok
     Node n_1_7 - Ok
     Node n_1_1 - Ok
     Node n_1_6 - Ok
     Node n_1_5 - Ok
     Node n_1_9 - Ok
     Node n_1_4 - Ok
     Node n_1_8 - Ok
     Node n_1_3 - Ok
  • Query the status of the nodes: omf-5.2 stat. Wait until all nodes are in powered off state.
    nilanjan@console.sb4:~/exp/dl-iperf/5.2$ omf-5.2 stat
     INFO NodeHandler: init OMF Experiment Controller 5.2.408
     INFO Topology: Loading topology 'system:topo:all'.
     Testbed :
     Node n_1_1 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_2 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_3 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_4 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_5 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_6 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_7 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_8 - State: POWEROFF
     Node n_1_9 - State: POWEROFF
  • Load image onto node1-4 and node1-9: omf-5.2 load 1,4],[1,9 baseline-iperf.ndz
    nilanjan@console.sb4:~/exp/dl-iperf/5.2$ omf-5.2 load [[1,4],[1,9]] baseline-iperf.ndz ; sleep 360 ; omf-5.2 tell on [[1,4],[1,9]] ; sleep 360 ; omf-5.2 exec dl-iperf.rb
    Imaging nodes: '[[1,4],[1,9]]' with image 'baseline-iperf.ndz'
    (Domain:  default from hostname)
    (Timeout:  800 sec.)
     INFO NodeHandler: init OMF Experiment Controller 5.2.408
     INFO NodeHandler: init Experiment ID: sb4.orbit-lab.org_2012_02_09_10_22_14
     INFO NodeHandler: Web interface available at:
     INFO Experiment: load system:exp:stdlib
     INFO property.resetDelay: value = 100 (Fixnum)
     INFO property.resetTries: value = 1 (Fixnum)
     INFO Experiment: load system:exp:imageNode
     INFO property.nodes: value = [[1, 4], [1, 9]] (Array)
     INFO property.image: value = "baseline-iperf.ndz" (String)
     INFO property.domain: value = nil (NilClass)
     INFO property.outpath: value = "/tmp" (String)
     INFO property.timeout: value = 800 (Fixnum)
     INFO stdlib: Waiting for nodes (Up/Down/Total): 0/2/2 - (still down: n_1_9,n_1_4)
     INFO stdlib: Waiting for nodes (Up/Down/Total): 0/2/2 - (still down: n_1_9,n_1_4)
     INFO stdlib: Waiting for nodes (Up/Down/Total): 0/2/2 - (still down: n_1_9,n_1_4)
     INFO stdlib: Waiting for nodes (Up/Down/Total): 0/2/2 - (still down: n_1_9,n_1_4)
     INFO exp: Progress(0/0/2): 0/0/0 min(n_1_9)/avg/max (46) - Timeout: 750 sec.
     INFO whenAll: *: 'status[@value='UP']' fires
     INFO exp: Progress(0/0/2): 20/20/20 min(n_1_9)/avg/max (46) - Timeout: 740 sec.
     INFO exp: Progress(0/0/2): 40/40/40 min(n_1_9)/avg/max (46) - Timeout: 730 sec.
     INFO exp: Progress(0/0/2): 60/60/60 min(n_1_9)/avg/max (46) - Timeout: 720 sec.
     INFO exp: Progress(0/0/2): 70/75/80 min(n_1_9)/avg/max (46) - Timeout: 710 sec.
     INFO exp: Progress(0/0/2): 90/90/90 min(n_1_9)/avg/max (46) - Timeout: 700 sec.
     INFO exp: Progress(2/0/2): 100/100/100 min()/avg/max (46) - Timeout: 690 sec.
     INFO exp:  -----------------------------
     INFO exp:  Imaging Process Done
     INFO exp:  - 2 node(s) successfully imaged - See the topology file: '/tmp/sb4.orbit-lab.org_2012_02_09_10_22_14_topo_active.rb'
     INFO exp:  -----------------------------
     INFO Experiment: DONE!
     INFO NodeHandler: Shutting down experiment, please wait...
     INFO NodeHandler: Shutdown flag is set - Turning Off the resources
     INFO run: Experiment sb4.orbit-lab.org_2012_02_09_10_22_14 finished after 1:51
  • After loading the image, node1-4 & node1-9 are turned off. Turn these nodes back on: omf-5.2 tell on 1,4],[1,9
    nilanjan@console.sb4:~/exp/dl-iperf/5.2$ omf-5.2 tell on [[1,4],[1,9]]
     INFO NodeHandler: init OMF Experiment Controller 5.2.408
     Testbed : - Command: on
     Node n_1_9 - Ok
     Node n_1_4 - Ok
  • Query the status of the nodes until node1-4 & node1-9 are in POWERON state: omf-5.2 stat
  • Now run the experiment script: omf-5.2 exec dl-iperf.rb
  • After the experiment successfully runs, a database file, values.db, is created. This file is populated with the following parameters for each iperf run:
    1. rf matrix attenuation value
    2. number of bytes transferred from iperf client to server.
    3. total time taken for iperf connection.
    4. throughput in kilobytes per second

Post process data

Trouble shooting & miscellaneous info

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