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    1 = 18.  =
     1= 18. GEC13: Tutorials from Poly@NYU =
     3== Description ==
     4These are hand-on tutorials which provide experience in creating and executing WiMAX experiments on the orbit-lab WiMAX testbed. The original experiments are written by Fraida Fund from Poly@NYU. The following is a link to the original experiments that can be run on [ WITest].
     6The experiments have been modified to run on the WiMAX testbed in the orbit-lab. The following modifications were done to get the experiment running:[[BR]]
     7 a. Added /usr/bin/wmxstat to a baseline WiMAX image that run on the node.[[BR]]
     8 b. Added /usr/share/omf-expctl-5.3/repository/test/app/wimaxcu_app.rb in the experiment controller (sb4). [ Click here to view file.] [[BR]]
     9 c. Added the following snippet to /usr/share/omf-expctl-5.3/repository/test/app/iperf.rb in the experiment controller (sb4). [ Click here to view file.] [[BR]]
     11  a.defMeasurement("UDP_Rich_Info"){ |m|
     12    m.defMetric('ID', :long)
     13    m.defMetric('Begin_interval', :float)
     14    m.defMetric('End_interval', :float)
     15    m.defMetric('Transfer', :float)
     16    m.defMetric('Bandwidth', :float)
     17    m.defMetric('Jitter', :float)
     18    m.defMetric('Packet_Lost', :long)
     19    m.defMetric('Total_Packet', :long)
     20    m.defMetric('PLR', :float)
     21  }
     24 d. The experiment description was also modified to:
     25  i. reflect the node's host name for sandbox 4.
     26  ii. added network configuration for the wimax interface
     27  iii. use ''properties'' to change pass different node host name from command line.
     29The following are the experiment description scripts.
     30 * [ gec13_tut01.rb] [[BR]]
     31 * [ gec13_tut02.rb] [[BR]]
     32 * [ gec13_tut03.rb] [[BR]]
     34The experiments are geared towards sandbox 4 however they can be scripted for the outdoor resources with some modifications.