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    1 Under development
     3This page contains instructions for GENI experimenters describing how to use GIMI on a GENI WiMAX aggregate. If you are a site administrator looking for instructions on how to add GIMI functionality to your site, please see the [wiki:WiMAX/GIMISetup setup instructions].
     5== Overview ==
     7GIMI provides I&M services for experimenters. Running a GIMI-enabled experiment involves three components:
     8 * Instrument an experiment with OML
     9 * Execute an experiment with OMF
     10 * Archive experiment measurements to iRODS
     12The steps required to instrument an experiment with OML are already well documented as well. Use these links to find out how to
     13 * Instrument an application that is written in [ C/C++], [ Ruby], or [ Python] or
     14 * [ Write a wrapper] for an application written in another language, or one whose source code is not available
     15 * Create an [ application definition] for your application
     17Similarly, there is a already a great deal of documentation on using OMF on a WiMAX testbed. Refer to this [ self-guided tutorial] for further details.
     19GIMI uses the iRODS data grid for archiving and further processing. The rest of this page describes how to get an iRODS account and then use it to archive experiment results gathered on a WiMAX testbed to iRODS.