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    1 = GENI Wide-Area Wireless Platforms =
     1= GENI Wide-Area Wireless =
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    55This web site is a portal for GENI project that addresses the challenges of integration and trial deployment of a commercial mobile/cellular radios as part of an open virtualized experimental framework. The project leverages a commercial [ WiMAX] and [ LTE] base stations from multiple vendors while replacing standard controllers with an open software implementation that supports virtualization and layer 2/3 programmability.
    66The GENI wireless deployment started in 2008 and went through 3 spiral development cycles:
    7 == [ Spiral 1] project ==
     7=== [ Spiral 1] project ===
    99 The scope of work on this project is to leverage a commercial IEEE 802.16e WiMAX base station product to prototype an open, programmable and virtualizable base station node that could work over a metropolitan area and connect with off-the shelf WiMAX handsets and data cards.
    11 == [ Spiral 2] project ==
     11=== [ Spiral 2] project ===
    1313 GENI Spiral 2 is the second phase of exploratory rapid-prototyping with the primary overall goal of moving towards continuous experimentation. This projects focus in Spiral 2 was on extending the  OMF framework with a design and implementation of a  GENI-compliant resource management, experiment control, and measurement framework, so that it can support experiments across heterogeneous testbed resources, with a specific focus on mobile testbeds. OMF was further developed to include the handling of disconnection, and providing temporal and spatial control. The OMF framework was, in addition to ORBIT deployment, deployed on a second location and both islands were connected to the GENI backbone. 
    15 == [ Spiral 3]  project  ==
     15=== [ Spiral 3]  project  ===
    1717 In GENI Spiral 3, this project was focused on development, procurement and software support of a GENI-enabled WiMAX base station equipment kit for deployment on seven campuses.
    20 == Current development ==
     20=== Current development ===
    2222While most of the effort in the earlier phases were on WiMAX, more recently the attention was shifted towards LTE. Currently, the project is focused on developingopen, programmable and virtualizable LTE basestation and replacing 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (ePC) with open programmable layer 2/3 GENI compliant control framework.