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    1616  || 2. || Power cable with custom connector (shipped with airspan BS) || [[Image(Air4gPS.jpg, width=200, align=right)]] This power cable is an unearthed DC cable and is approx 75 feet long. If that is long enough, it should be attached to the power supply as shown in figure 1;  in case longer cable is needed, use an off the shelf 18AWG 3C cable and solder it together to reach the power source. ||
    1717  || 3. || Appropriate length weatherproof CAT5E/CAT6 cable. || Bulk cable candidate for outdoor use is [ Belkin Direct Burial Cable]. Once cable is in place, Ethernet RJ45 connectors have to be placed at both ends; make sure that the Ethernet cable is passed through the "Weatherproof Ethernet connector" (shipped with airspan), before the head is put on. ||
     18  || 4. || Ethernet surge protectors || [ Ethernet Surge Protector] Connect 2 of these surge protectors at each end of the cable connection. One close to the CAT5 connector on the Base station and the other right before connecting this to the first network switch the cable will be connected to ||
    1920If you use fiber for data connectivity, instead of copper Ethernet wire, you will need: