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Airspan LTE Base Station Serial Console

The Airspan base stations have a 9 pin connector (hidden behind a black hex bolt next to the ethernet port) which allows access to the two serial consoles (one for the airspan radio and the other for the networking unit). This is useful for recovery purposes when the base station does not respond via software, SSH, or web interfaces.


Compatible connector on Digikey (CUI Inc. model MD-90): CP-2090-ND

  • Black plastic casing and strain relief are discarded, otherwise it will not fit into the base station.
  • The front ¾" of the connector must be kept clear (even heat shrink tubing on the front section will prevent insertion).
  • Solder wires to the shorter/larger diameter pins.

Pinout of base station "jack" (or the side of the connector you will solder to):

AirspanTX1, RX1
asil8xxTX2, RX2
Groundouter casing

Connect over a standard RS232 serial port.

Serial Port Settings

Baud Rate120000
Data Bits8
Stop Bits1
Flow Controlnone
Transmitted Textappend carriage return (not applicable to PuTTY)

Note: PuTTY is recommended because it can properly forward Ctrl+C like commands to the base station which are necessary because the consoles have a linux shell.

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