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Prepare Site Configuration File

Table of Contents

    Create /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.4/ file to prepare for configuring the OS services and OMF. The file should, at minimum, look like this:

      - 'globaladmin' 
      - :control: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:73"
        :data: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:72"
        :cm: "00:20:4a:d5:94:83"
      - :control: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:89"
        :data: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:88"
        :cm: "00:20:4a:d5:94:f1"
      - :control: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:71"
        :data: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:70"
        :cm: "00:20:4a:d5:94:e1"

    Site Configuration Parameters

    • admins: array of administrator user names
    • nodes: aray of node MAC addresses. First node will correspond to node1, second to node2 etc.
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