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    168168/etc/init.d/slapd restart
    169169    }}}
     170=== Configure PHPLDAPADMIN ===
     171Edit the ''/etc/phpldapadmin/config.php'' file and modify the following lines:
     179These lines should have your LDAP DN which is dervied from your FQDN. (e.g. for => dc=geni,dc=rutgers,dc=edu). The result should look like
     187You can then point a browser to '''http://console.geni.DOMAN/phpldapamin'''.
    171188=== Import initial GENI LDAP content ===
    172189Next we will import initial content consisting of first groups and accounts that will be used as administrators for the range of services. The deployment assumes the following delegated accounting structure: users are organized into groups based on their organization or project (or in LDAP terms organizational units (OUs)). Each group can have number of administrators (or users with group management capabilities) but has to have one person who is the main administrator for the OU (the principal investigator - PI). While most of the account management is performed through Control Panel functions, the initial site administrator and the first OU need to be added to LDAP manually. This can be done through ''phpldapadmin'' or through LDIF configuration file and command line tools. The LDIF config for initial import looks like: