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This page contains instructions for WiMAX site administrators that describe how to GIMI-enable a WiMAX site. If you are looking for instructions on how to use GIMI functionality on a WiMAX site, please see the user instructions.


A GENI site is considered GIMI-enabled if a user can, without an unreasonable expenditure of effort, use the site to:

  • Execute an experiment with OMF
  • Instrument an experiment with OML
  • Archive experiment measurements to iRODS

The steps required to set up OMF have already been described extensively on this wiki and at, so they will not be covered here. Similarly, the steps required to install an OML server are described here.

The steps required to instrument an experiment with OML are already well documented as well. Use these links to find out how to

This document primarily describes how to provide tools for users to archive an experiment to iRODS. This consists of three parts:

  • Installing icommands
  • Installing the extra iarchive script
  • Setting up iRODS accounts for users
  • Installing the iRODS web frontend (optional)
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