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WiMAX OID and IP address assignement

Campus OID IP Range
WINLAB 44:51:DB:00:00:XX 10.3.0.XX
NECLabs 44:51:DB:00:01:XX 10.3.1.XX
BBN 44:51:DB:00:02:XX 10.3.2.XX
Stanford 44:51:DB:00:03:XX 10.3.3.XX
Poly 44:51:DB:00:04:XX 10.3.4.XX
UMass 44:51:DB:00:05:XX 10.3.5.XX
Columbia 44:51:DB:00:06:XX 10.3.6.XX
UColorado 44:51:DB:00:07:XX 10.3.7.XX
UWisconsin 44:51:DB:00:08:XX 10.3.8.XX
UCLA 44:51:DB:00:09:XX 10.3.9.XX

Each campus can have up to 127 basestations (each BS needs two addresses) and/or multiple ASN gateways. The basestations are assigned OIDs and IPs starting from 1 and counting up while ASN gateway machines are assigned IP addresses that are assigned starting from 254 and counting down. For example, first basestation in WINLAB gets IP address on primary controller of and the IP address for the networking card of while the gateway machine gets

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