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     1This page contains instructions for WiMAX site administrators that describe how to GIMI-enable a WiMAX site. If you are looking for instructions on how to use GIMI functionality on a WiMAX site, please see the [wiki:WiMAX/GIMIUse user instructions].
     4== Overview ==
     5A GENI site is considered GIMI-enabled if a user can, without an unreasonable expenditure of effort, use the site to:
     6 * Execute an experiment with OMF
     7 * Instrument an experiment with OML
     8 * Archive experiment measurements to iRODS
     11The steps required to set up OMF have already been described extensively on this wiki and at [], so they will not be covered here. Similarly, the steps required to install an OML server are described [ here].
     14The steps required to instrument an experiment with OML are already well documented as well. Use these links to find out how to
     15 * Instrument an application that is written in [ C/C++], [ Ruby], or [ Python] or
     16 * [ Write a wrapper] for an application written in another language, or one whose source code is not available
     17 * Create an [ application definition] for your application
     20This document primarily describes how to provide tools for users to archive an experiment to iRODS. This consists of three parts:
     21 * Installing {{{icommands}}}
     22 * Installing the extra {{{iarchive script}}}
     23 * Setting up iRODS accounts for users
     24 * Installing the iRODS web frontend (optional)