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Site Configuration File Preparation

Create /etc/omf-aggmgr-5.4/site.yaml file to prepare for configuring the OS services and OMF. The file should, at minimum, look like this. It's important to verify the MAC addresses for the respective nodes as these values will be used to populate the service config files. They nodes will be numbered in order of appareance (e.g. mac:00:03:1d:0a:98:be belongs to node1):

  - 'geniadmin' 
  - :control: "00:03:1d:0a:98:be"
    :data: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:72"
    :cm: "00:20:4a:d5:94:f3"
  - :control: "d8:50:e6:d3:e7:ea"
    :data: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:88"
    :cm: "00:20:4a:d5:c8:8f"
  - :control: "d8:50:e6:d4:f7:84"
    :data: "00:03:1d:0c:d3:70"
    :cm: "00:20:4a:d5:c8:b8"

Site Configuration Parameters

  • admins: array of administrator user names [no default value]
  • nodes: aray of node MAC addresses. First node will correspond to the hostname node1, second to node2, etc. Each node entry consist of 3 Ethernet MAC addresses: CM, data and control - all 3 should be available on the label that is attached to each yellow box.
  • tbName: testbed named (used for scheduler) [default: FQDN of the console]
  • tbDescription: Testbed description [default: "GENI WiMAX Testbed at HOME"]
  • tbLocation: Location string [default: "GENI Facility"]
  • tbPhone: Phone number to call for support [default: "(999) 999-9999"]
  • minRes: Shortest reservation in minutes [default: 30]
  • maxRes: Longest single reservation in minutes [default: 120]
  • xmppuser: XMPP server user name [default: ]
  • mysqluser: MySQL user name [default: root]
  • emailserver: Email server to be used for sending notifications [default: localhost]

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